Friday, June 24, 2016

wandering the web: have a fun weekend

Fourth of July outfit inspo, how to start your own succulent garden and fiction for feminists.

Another week is in the books, and I have to say this one really flew by. After falling off the workout wagon a little bit toward the beginning of the month, my body is feeling refreshed and strong after a week of solid exercise — and it really is the best feeling. It's just like Elle Woods said, you know?

On that note, here's to a fun, healthy weekend!

1. How to start a succulent garden — the only plants I'd actually consider! (The Everygirl)

2. Fiction for feminists. (Daily Worth)

3. Chic Fourth of July outfit inspiration. (Hello Fashion)

4. Drooling over these pretzel chocolate chip bars. (Just A Taste)

5. Getting major kitchen inspiration. (Pinterest)

6. I'm loving the new Cupcakes and Cashmere bedroom collection. (Nordstrom)

7. How to improve your mental health. (Man Repeller)

8. I don't like pink, but I love this room. (Refinery29)

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