Tuesday, May 24, 2016

when moms move away

Life update: What happens when your mom and best friend moves away.

If you've been following my newsletter (which you should be), you're probably ready for me to explain my cryptic comments on "big changes" and happening in my life... Well, here's the first one: My mom is moving to Florida! No, I'm not the lucky one trading snowstorms for beaches, but this is a big change for me because I've never actually lived more than an hour away from my mom. On top of that, she's been my best friend since day one.

For those reasons, it's taken me a while to write this post — she found out back in March (her husband got an incredible job opportunity near Orlando). I've gone through so many different ways of talking about this on my blog. Do I dedicate a full post to it, or mention it casually on a weekly roundup? Do I share only my excitement for her big move, or do I dive into all the emotions it brings? Finally, I decided to open up and share it all. (Mostly because you were all so great when I expressed my vulnerability with you here.)

Life update: What happens when your mom and best friend moves away.

I've been so excited for my mom since they announced the move. If you would ask me who in the world hates winter and cold weather the most, my first answer would be my mom. She hates being cold, and she's probably the only person I know who still shivers when it's 60 degrees and sunny. Florida will be perfect for her. She's not going back to work full-time, and instead will get to fill her days with sewing, knitting and creating beautiful things like she's always loved to do. She's starting a new adventure, which is something everyone deserves to do at least once in their life. And, you know, I get a free vacation spot and a reason to see palm trees in December.

On the flip side, obviously it's really hard to think of my mom and best friend moving five states away. I moved in with her for my last semester of college and the following year until she got married last summer. And when she moved in with her husband, it was only three minutes away in the same town. It's hard to know we won't be able to call each other to go for a walk later tonight, or I can't just pop over for dinner and Dancing With The Stars, and last-minute trips to the mall won't be an option.

Life update: What happens when your mom and best friend moves away.

I never expected to live close to my mom my whole life. People grow up, kids move away — and sometimes parents do, too. And even though I'm preparing for some major emotional roller coasters in the next few weeks — even through the dozens of times she stopped and asked me, with tears in her eyes, if I would honestly tell her if I wasn't okay with her leaving — all I can do is be incredibly, honestly happy for her.

My mom has done so much for me in my life: everything I've asked, and everything I haven't. She's spent her whole life giving and doing and being there for everyone else. And now it's time for her to have something she's always wanted. Because even though she's scared, and I'm scared, and everything will be different...we will stay the same. She will be my mom, and I will be her daughter. And that will never change.

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