Tuesday, May 10, 2016

lipstick review vol. 5

The best nude lipsticks and pastel shades for spring beauty looks

Hey hey hey friends! How was everyone's weekend? I hope everyone who celebrated Mother's Day had a good one! My sister and I spent the day with our mom, going to church, eating brunch and going to see the new "Mother's Day" movie. It's always nice to spend a casual day together to hang out and have fun, especially now that everyone has grown up and gotten so much busier.

It's been a while since I've done one of my traditional lipstick reviews, so today I'm sharing two of my favorite nude shades and a couple pastels that are perfect for spring!

1. Nudestix Whisper — As I've mentioned before, this lip pencil quickly made its way onto my favorite nude lip list. It has a matte finish and a lighter tone that's great for a neutral, unassuming beauty look. It coats well and stays put with minimal need for touchups throughout the day — a major plus in my book. This is my favorite nude to wear when I choose heavier eye makeup or an outfit with a lot of color, but I also love it when I'm wearing white for an extra-clean, didn't-try-to-hard look.

2. MAC Pink Nouveau — I bought this light pink shade last year after seeing Caitlin wearing it in so many of her posts. It looked like such a fun, flattering color for summer! I wasn't quite as smitten with it once I tried it out for myself, thought, as the formula turned out to be a little sticky and chunky (gross). It's the only MAC lipstick I've ever had that issue with, so I think it may just be a defect in this one. The color is pretty, and it does seem to flatter most skin tones. I shy away from it sometimes because it sometimes feels too "Barbie pink" for me, but I still love the way it looks in pictures.

3. Laura Mercier Milky Way — This was one of the unexpected frontrunners from the nude lip collection I bought at Sephora a few months ago. It's a bit of a darker color with brown undertones that give it a '90s feel, and I actually love that about it! It goes on slick and glossy, but takes a couple coats to really bring out the color. I typically reapply it fairly often throughout the night for that reason, but it always feels smooth and not sticky.

4. Revlon Berry Haute — I bought this tube a couple summers ago when orchid lips were just starting to become more popular, and every time I wore it I felt it was a little too light and made my lips look dead... haha, not a great look! Purple lipsticks can be a hard shade to pull off in my opinion, because they don't tend to fit all skin tones like some of the reds and pinks. But I gave this one a try again this spring and I actually really loved it! It looks a bit lighter in person than in the photo, but I really do think it's darker than it was when I bought it...if that's possible! It's a great soft color for spring that's not too bold or in your face.

Which ones are your favorites? What are your best spring lip colors? I'd love to know!

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