Friday, February 26, 2016

Wandering the Web: have an awesome weekend!

Fri-YAY. I am SO ready to get this weekend started. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s, and I only have to work for a few hours so I plan to get out for a nice jog/walk in the afternoon sun. I let the snowy days of early February get the best of me and stopped working out for a couple weeks, but I've exercised six out of the last seven days and I feel so great and ready to keep the momentum going. It's amazing what consistent workouts can do for your mood :)

I hope you all have an extra-wonderful weekend, and here's what I'm reading this week:

1. Bourbon caramel popcorn sounds like the perfect Oscars viewing party snack. (Feast + West)

2. A 29-year-old man takes lessons in Snapchat from his 13-year-old sister. Hi-larious. (Buzzfeed)

3. In love with all the strappy sports bras at Forever 21 right now. (Forever 21)

4. Lauren Vandiver always creates the best colorful outfits. (VandiFair)

5. A tip to help ensure you work out — I actually do this and it works so well for me. (Because I'm Addicted)

6. I really want to try eating like Chrissy Teigen now... (Refinery29)

7. How cute is this yoga outfit? (Carrie Bradshaw Lied)

8. What do you think of Facebook's new emoji reactions? (USA Today)

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