Friday, February 12, 2016

Wandering the Web: happy Valentine's Day

A beauty tip for winter, major closet envy and an essay about breasts.

What are you up to this weekend? Got a hot Valentine's Day date? I'm planning to stay in and test out a few new beauty products, read this book, and maybe watch the movie Her, which I still have not seen somehow. However you're spending the weekend, I hop you have a great one, and here are some things I liked this week:

1. The most intense closet envy I've ever felt. (Damsel in Dior)

2. A great beauty tip for the driest time of the year. (The Everygirl)

3. If you live in the Des Moines area, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the best dessert of your life. (Thelma's Cookies)

4. Honest Valentine's Day cards made me laugh. (Bored Panda)

5. "Breasts: The Odd Couple." (Cup of Jo)

6. I feel like this movie is going to be my guilty pleasure screening this spring... (Refinery 29)

7. Seeing everyone go on tropical vacations has me seriously craving summer and swimsuits. (Aerie)

8. Loving this Galentine's Day gift guide. (Alicia Tenise)

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