Tuesday, February 23, 2016

product review: sheet masks

My first time trying out sheet masking at home.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to share my first experiment with sheet masks, which seem to be all the rage lately. (Just ask Adele.) If you remember, for Valentine's Day I shared a bunch of goodies to pamper yourself and my plans to do at-home facials with Adam. Lucky for me, it didn't take much to convince him to try a sheet mask with me — all I had to do was promise not to share photos of him wearing it ;) So, we went to Sephora to choose our own personal spa treatments.

My first time trying out sheet masking at home.

Adam picked out the Honey Mask, which claims to be "for velvety-soft, comfortable and balanced skin." The packaging says it nourishes and soothes skin and relieves dry and sensitive skin instantly. Adam's skin always gets dry in the winter, so this one was perfect for him.

I chose the Pearl Mask, "for skin that is even, fresh and brighter." It promises to even out skin tone and help minimize irregularities, and stimulate skin for high luminosity. I don't know about you, but my skin could always use a little illuminating after the harsh Midwest winters.

Our verdicts: Applying the masks was a little tricky because they are cold and totally saturated. They have cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth, but it's all one piece, so you have to move it and mold it to the shape of your face. The masks didn't cover every bit of our faces, but they worked for the most part. I expected them to slide down while we wore them because they were so wet and heavy with the formulas, but they didn't budge.

Once we took them off, I instantly noticed my face looked a little brighter, and it was softer the next morning. Adam loved how soft his skin felt, and it did help with the dryness. The real test for me was how it would deal with "irregularities" — perfect timing, since my skin had been breaking out a little bit that week. Over the next week after I used the mask I saw a noticeable difference in my blemishes. My face has been clearer, smoother and less dry in the two weeks since we tried them. Overall, I think I'll be incorporating more sheet masking into my beauty routine. (The salesman at Sephora said he swears by the Pomegranate Mask, so I think I'll be trying that one next.)

Have you ever "masked" before? Do you prefer sheet masks or the good old mud facials? 

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