Thursday, February 11, 2016

3 non-lame ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Ask anyone and you'll find there are infinite ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. Some couples like getting dressed up and going back to the restaurant where they had their first date. Others might exchange special homemade gifts, and some people choose to take a special weekend getaway. For those of you who'd rather mix it up this year and don't want to go the traditional flowers-and-chocolate route of Valentine's Day, here are three non-lame ways to celebrate this weekend.

1. Cook something new together. Instead of fighting the crowds that will inevitably fill up your favorite restaurants, try teaming up to cook a new dish that you've been wanting to try. Maybe it's a complicated entree or a delicious dessert you pinned months ago. You'll remember the experience of making dinner together more than eating out.

2. Stay in and have a movie marathon. Since neither Adam or myself are much into Valentine's Day, this was how we spent the day last year. We watched Crazy, Stupid Love (a favorite of both of ours) and spent the day lazing around together. You don't need to put on a big show to celebrate your relationship; sometimes just being together and in the moment is all it really takes.

3. Have a two-person game night. You can do this one at home or out on the town if you prefer. Play cards, board games or go to an arcade or a bowling alley. A little friendly competition is always fun, and it can be a great way to remember the early days of your relationship. You could even make it a little interesting and make bets!

And bonus #4: spa night with these goodies!

How are you spending Valentine's Day this weekend? Do you have any traditions, or do you like to go the unorthodox route? 

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