Wednesday, January 13, 2016

from the office to happy hour: 3 easy outfits

Gearing up to head into work is a task and artform all of its own. There is a delicate line between what is appropriate and what is not. Especially in an office (or similar) setting, you’ve got to be careful about showing too much skin or dressing too casually. All of these “rules,” though, actually provide the perfect opportunity to get creative with what you wear — finding “loopholes,” if you will! Boundaries simply inspire creativity. Also, you’ve probably got more plans than "wake up, go to work, and come home." Instead, you’ve got happy hour catch-ups penciled in and quick dinner dates with friends or a significant other. And in a lot of instances, there’s just not enough time to speed home and change your outfit from work to play. That’s where creativity (and thoughtful planning) comes into play when you gear up to head to work on one of these busy days. There are plenty of ensembles that are work appropriate and can also be easily transformed into cocktail hour-friendly styles. Here are three simple outfit examples and quick tips for stylish outfits to take you from the office to happy hour with no pit stops in between:

1. The Pencil Skirt

This work wardrobe staple is likely to be part of your everyday ensemble. But when the clock strikes 5 p.m. and you’ve got a margarita special to catch, you’ll need to jazz up your pencil skirt with a couple quick switch-outs. As Cosmo’s associate accessories editor explains here, “A bright clutch and crop top (hide them in your work bag) make a pencil skirt party-ready.” As shown in her photos, she even kept the daytime blazer to add smartness to the look, draping it over her shoulders for chic lines and an easy on/off situation.

2. The Versatile Dress

Another go-to office outfit of choice, a dress is a simple slip-on solution for those days when piecing together an entire ensemble seems impossible. When you wear a dress to work, make sure the cut is not too low in the front, and be mindful of hem length — right above the knee is fine. As for making it less stuffy and more sexy? This edit on Lyst suggests to browse “both casual and formal dresses for modern office style.” Shift dresses are always equal parts appropriate and flattering, and you can make yours ready for the bar by slipping on a pair of killer heels and a colorful clutch. It’s simple and classy but not too conservative.

3. The High-Waisted Slacks

With all the recent change in gender roles in our culture, the shift has made a fair impact on the fashion industry as well. Loose-fitting slacks are not just for men. In fact, they look super polished on women! The first photo in this article on The Zoe Report shows a woman wearing printed, high-waisted slacks that are belted mid-torso. Paired with patterned heels, a non-presumptuous blouse and a yellow clutch, the slacks give a formal yet fun vibe to the overall outfit. This is one getup you won’t have to change at all to crossover from office to happy hour, and that’s something to get on board with!

What are your favorite transitional wardrobe staples? How do you take your style from office to happy hour? I'd love to hear! 

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*This content was created by a guest author for miscelenious

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