Tuesday, January 19, 2016

affordable workout gear

cute and affordable workout gear

There’s nothing better to motivate you to work out like the opportunity to buy cute new gear, am I right?

As you may know, getting into a workout regimen that I can stick with was one of my big goals for 2016. I've been doing really well with consistent workouts over the last two weeks, and I'm feeling more motivated than ever to keep going. The hard part now is just keeping my diet in check because I feel like I want to eat everything in my fridge after every workout... Oops! 

These are some of my favorite gym items right now because I love looking good while I'm sweating. That may sound weird, but I feel like it motivates me to work harder toward my end goal, which is looking good! (And feeling good, of course!) Colorful patterned tights are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe lately (just bought these and love them!), and I really want one of these wrist wallets for running this spring. And how can you resist this adorable criss-cross sports bra?! 

On another note, this weekend I'm heading to (drumroll please...) New York! I'm going out for a few days to visit Adam while he's there for work, and I've never been before! I've always wanted to go to NYC, so this is probably the most exciting trip I've ever taken to date! Have you ever been there before? What are your food/drink/sight-seeing recommendations? 

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