Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Do you like casual dating?

A few thoughts on casual dating in the real world vs. TV

I love romantic comedies. So, naturally, many of my favorite movies and TV shows revolve around people dating other people. Friends, New Girl, Seinfeld and Will and Grace are just a few shows where a group of people are constantly dating new people in search of “the one.” And while I wouldn't trade my current relationship for anything, watching the ups and downs of those TV dating lives always makes me feel just a little left out, because I’ve never really had similar experience in that sort of dating, where you might see a person a few times and then break it off. 

I’ve gone on “dates,” obviously, but I’ve never been a "casual" dater. Most dates I’ve had have led to relationships, whether they lasted a month or a year. But I can count on one hand the number of guys I’ve had less than five dates with and then never spoke to again. I think that’s why watching this type of show is so interesting to me, because it’s such a normal experience — a rite of passage for young adults. It's something I came to expect out of adulthood when I was younger, but I still can't actually relate to it. 

The other part of it is that I don’t really know many people who have casually dated a lot either. Many of my friends have similar situations to me, where the majority of their dating experiences have led to relationships. Maybe it’s my age group, or maybe it’s more of a location thing, and people here just don’t do as much casual dating? I can’t say for sure one way or the other, but I feel pretty confident in saying that the dating scene around Iowa is definitely not close to the ones shown in the aforementioned TV shows.

So I’m curious — what do you think of the concept of casual dating? Is it more normal for you? Do you know people who have dated a lot? I’d love to know…

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