Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Color Coded: Wine

A monochrome wish list for the truly devoted wine-lovers.

Have you ever met anyone or heard of those people who wear exclusively one color? Like everything they own (or at least the majority) is a shade of that one color. I read a cool story about it a long time ago by Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo and then when I was ringing up a woman at Versona last weekend she was buying a pile of cobalt blue items. She told me she wears it all the time because it brings out her blue eyes. Well, if I had to choose one color to dress in (besides black ;), I'm pretty sure it would be wine/oxblood.

It’s my favorite hue for fall/winter, but I also love it in the summer because it's a little bit unexpected for the season of brights. It’s such a versatile color, yet it still makes a statement. The wine color was everywhere last year, and the trend doesn't look like it will slow down this year. You can find it on everything from clothes and hats to lipstick and tableware, and I love all of it. Which is why I had to put together a color-specific sort of wish list of everything I love in the wine shade — including, of course, wine ;)

Would you ever dress exclusively in one shade? What color would you wear if you had to pick one? I don't think I could restrict myself, but there's something I love the concept of a monochrome wardrobe!

P.S. My fall wish list, my fall uniform and a beautiful cobalt dress 

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