Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A guy's take on... 5 fall trends

If you're a fashion girl, I'm sure you've had at least one conversation about dressing for men vs. dressing for women. I think most women (at least the women I know) would agree that we dress up more for the sake of other women than we do for men, and that's because we typically appreciate trendy clothes and inspired outfits more than men do. So I thought it would be fun to get a guy's (specifically, my boyfriend's) perspective on five current fall trends.

I learned a lot about Adam's thoughts toward women's fashion, and I was actually surprised by some of his answers. He's not one to think too much about fashion or trends (his closet is 80% T-shirts from college), but he does have a good sense of style, so it was fun to have a conversation about it. If you've never talked to your boyfriend about fashion, I highly suggest it — both for the insight and the laughs! The following responses are all straight from Adam, so read on to find out what he thought about these five fall trends...

A guy's (completely and brutally honest) perspective on 5 different fall trends.

Ponchos. When would you wear that? I don't even — I guess, no. No to all ponchos. I'm not convinced that's even a trend. I feel like it's a wannabe cape that's sold at an outlet store because they made it too long.
Verdict: (laughing) LOLOLOL pass.
(Side note: We were at an arena for a show last night and it was freezing. Adam said the poncho was starting to sound better and better, so not all hope is lost ;)

A guy's (completely and brutally honest) perspective on 5 different fall trends.

Flared jeans. I think my mom has those in her closet...from the 70s. It's like a bad Halloween costume. I guess you could wear those to a disco theme party though. So not all bad. And why is the waist so high (in the product photo linked)?
Verdict: (laughing) No.

A guy's (completely and brutally honest) perspective on 5 different fall trends.

Blanket scarves. I like them. I like scarves generally. I like it a lot more than an infinity scarf, which I feel it would be somewhat comparable to. Do they make those in gray? Is it big enough to be a blanket? It does somewhat look like you are tucking a napkin into your shirt.
Verdict: I like it.

A guy's (completely and brutally honest) perspective on 5 different fall trends.

Fringed skirts. Pass. That's all I have to say. Is it just in that color? I don't really like tan clothing. And I don't really like fray (aka, fringe ;). The length is also terrible — like what is it trying to be?
Verdict: Pass.

Metallic loafers. What would you wear them with? Casual wear? I like it with that outfit because the colors of the rest of her clothing are very plain and neutral, which allows the shoes to stand out. The shoes are such a loud color that I think they look really cool as long as you don't have too much going on.
Verdict: Good in the right context.

What do you think about these trends? Do you agree with some of Adam's votes, or disagree completely? What other trends would you like a guy's perspective on? I'd love to hear...

P.S. The perfect fall cardigan, my fall wish list and currently inspired by

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