Monday, August 31, 2015

Style Spotlight: dainty rings

Dainty rings that make the most of minimalist style

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My favorite accessories seem to change weekly (remember when I was all about the ear candy?). I tend to go through phases where I only want to wear statement necklaces, or I only want to wear bracelets — whatever it may be at the time. One accessory trend I've been crushing on for a while, though, is dainty rings. I absolutely cannot get enough of these chic, effortless and classic pieces.

I bought this one and this one back when Shopbop was having a big spring sale, and I've been wearing them almost every day since. They've taken the place of my favorite statement rings and instantly found their way to the top of my favorites list. I love how they look classy and minimal, but they still reflect my personal style. Every time I wear them my hand feels instantly dressed up. I personally love the rings from Shopbop and Nordstrom because they're high-quality and affordable. But if you're in the market to spend a little more, Zoe Chicco has beautiful higher-end rings.

What are your favorite accessories right now? How do you feel about the dainty ring trend? Where is your favorite spot to shop for jewelry?

P.S. playing it by ear, statement necklaces and spring-time shopping

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