Thursday, August 13, 2015

Iowa State Fair Guide: My 2015 state fair bucket list

My bucket list for the 2015 Iowa State Fair Guide

To wrap up my first Iowa State Fair Guide, I've made a bucket list of things I want to do at the fair this year. Some are ones that I've done before, while others are ones I've wanted to try or haven't heard about before this year. There are some things I like to repeat from year to year out of tradition, but this year I also want to try a few new things and maybe make some new traditions. Here's what I'd like to see and do at the State Fair this year:

1. Try a wine flight from Top of the Vine. Can you believe I only just heard about this? It sounds perfect for me!

2. See a concert on the Grandstand. This is my biggest state fair tradition — I go to at least one every year. This year is The Fray with Andy Grammer!

3. Ride the Sky Glider. I've only done this once, but it's so fun and gives you such a great view of the fair!

4. Try a new food item. Some years I do this, and some years I stick with my favorites (cough, cornodog, cough). What new food should I try this year?

5. Watch a free show. Either a free concert, the Red Trouser Guys or maybe even the Chainsaws — I haven't decided yet!

6. Take a ride on Ye Old Mill. I've never done this, but apparently it's an old tradition for lovers to kiss while on the "love boat." It sounds too sweet to pass it up!

7. Ride the Ferris Wheel. Ferris Wheels have always been my favorite part of theme parks, but I don't think I've ever done it at the fair. This year I'm hoping to change that!

Are you going to the Iowa State Fair? What's on your state fair bucket list? Any votes for which new food item I should try this year?!

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