Friday, June 26, 2015

Wandering the Web: have a fabulous weekend!

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Is it just me, or did this week absolutely FLY BY? I feel like I'm just trying to remember what I did each day. But I'm just happy the weekend is here. We're planning to head out to a winery tonight for live music, snacks and (of course) wine — just as long as the vineyard isn't under water...they got about 7+ inches of rain this week!

I've been taking more OOTD photos for the blog, so stay tuned for more of those posts in the upcoming weeks/months! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and here are some fun links from this week...

1. 10 popsicle recipes to try this summer. (The Kitchn)

2. These beautiful braids make me wish I had long hair again — and a personal stylist! (Byrdie)

3. Famous women on the best advice they've received. (The Cut)

4. The inspiring story behind Baked By Melissa's adorable bite-size cupcakes. (Cosmopolitan)

5. How to make notepads with your own photos at home. (A Beautiful Mess)

6. Secrets from a former airline attendant. (Refinery 29)

7. Edible sprinkle bowls! (This Heart of Mine)

8. Which group do you belong to? (2 Kinds of People via Apartment Therapy)

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