Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The sweetest new Instagram account

In case you thought true love was lost for good, Brooklyn Sherman, the 27-year-old behind The Way We Met, is here to show you otherwise. A few weeks ago she started an Instagram account to showcase real couples and the stories of how they met, and it is so sweet.

The account has already garnered tons of publicity — and rightfully so, because it is so fun to read the love stories from the beautiful couples featured there. Brooklyn is originally from the Midwest but now lives in L.A., and says she started The Way We Met because she's a hopeless romantic looking to find real people who are in love. She writes this in her first blog post:
"I'm on a mission. I'm on a mission to find the people out there who ARE in a committed relationships [sic]. Where did they find each other? How did they meet? What is the key to a successful relationship? How are they turning insta-happy into a lifetime of happiness?"
I love the idea behind this. Once I found out about the account, I lost track of time reading through the stories. This one is my favorite.

Are you following The Way We Met? What do you think of the idea?

P.S. How to keep the sparks alive and how to fight successfully

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