Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pretty summer totes under $50

one ($24) / two ($24) / three ($29) / four ($49) / five ($32) / six ($24)

When it comes to beach bags, I've always been more practical than fashionable. For the last few years I've been rotating between a couple canvas bags I picked up at World Market for a few bucks — not ugly, but I definitely wouldn't call them a statement piece. This year is the first time I've actually had a desire to spend a little (and I mean little) extra money for a pretty tote bag to use when we take the boat out — or if I somehow miraculously stumble upon a beach somewhere!

Since I know a beach tote isn't something I have a huge use for right now, I don't want to spend a lot of money on one... and if you've been shopping for the perfect straw tote yourself, you know they can be incredibly expensive (Seriously?!). I've picked out a few of my current favorites that are all under an affordable $50. The best part? You can save your wallet without sacrificing style. Enjoy!

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