Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fourth of July style

There are so many fun ways to dress up for the Fourth of July — whether you're spending the day on the lake or throwing a party or having a picnic, you can create something fun for any scenario. The truly fun part is playing with colors: you can use one color on its own or accessorize with two of them or use all three! The options for Independence Day style really are endless.

For me, I tend to go the more casual route on July 4th, so I really love these striped espadrilles and the rope necklace. They have a fun nautical look that would be perfect for the boat or a picnic, and for fireworks later, of course! As for the dresses, the white embroidered option would be adorable for the holiday, but it's also neutral enough to transition to regular day-to-day wear.

What do you like to wear for the Fourth of July?

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