Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Beautiful iPhone cases from Scarlet & Gold

I've been loving bright, tropical prints lately, and pineapples are my latest obsession in fashion. It seems crazy — I've never had the desire to have pineapples printed on my clothes before. But now I see them on everything in every store and I love it! Especially this pineapple iPhone case from Scarlet & Gold.

I recently came across this shop on Instagram, and it has such gorgeous prints and phone cases. I've always loved fashionable phone cases, but had a hard time finding ones that looked great and still kept my phone safe — after all, if I'm spending hundreds on a phone, my No. 1 priority is not breaking it.

So when I saw these at Scarlet & Gold, I instantly fell in love. Not only are the designs absolutely gorgeous, but they also come with silicone inserts to protect them against falls. I'm eyeing the pineapple print (obvs), the tiger lilly and the beige dipped with the geometric print. How will I ever decide?!

Which case is your favorite? 

*This post is not sponsored in any way — I'm just very excited I finally found so many beautiful and functional phone cases in one place!

P.S. My favorites from the Lilly Pulitzer collection and the perfect home office

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