Friday, April 17, 2015

Wandering the Web: have a great weekend

This week has been a whirlwind. I've been swamped both at work and at home — I didn't even get a chance to publish yesterday's post, which was already done! But don't worry, you'll see that next week, I promise! Anyway, I still have a lot to do this weekend, but I'm looking forward to spending some time venturing around downtown Des Moines tomorrow with Adam. We plan to visit the library, the sculpture park and a few others. What are your plans for the weekend?

1. The best reactions to Hillary's announcement. (Cup of Jo)

2. Would you wear a work uniform? (Harper's Bazaar)

3. I'm really loving this song right now. (YouTube)

4. This negative space manicure is so bold and fun for spring. (The Beauty Department)

5. So Kanye West topped the Time 100 list... Sound off your opinions in the comments below — I know you've got some! (ABC News)

6. I love the sporty chic trend happening this year. Would you try it? (Elements of Ellis)

7. This new store has a "pay what you earn" philosophy when it comes to gender equality. (Refinery29)

8. Okay, have any of you started watching "Lip Sync Battle" yet? From the clips I've seen so far, this could be my new favorite show. (People)

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