Thursday, April 30, 2015

Product review: Jamberry nail wraps

jamberry nail wraps floral and white

At some point in high school I started wearing nail polish regularly, and ever since then it's become a rarity to see me with naked fingernails. I think the most I've gone without polish is about a week, and even that is a struggle for me. I've always loved the look of fancy nail art — but I'm not about to pay for a manicure every week.

When all those nail wraps started coming out a few years ago, I was really intrigued. So many designs and colors. Fast-forward to now and I'm still obsessed with all the pretty patterns these wraps come in, but I've been too cheap to spend the money on them without knowing how well they actually work or if I can even put them on correctly. So when the lovely Melanie wanted to send me a sample of her Jamberry wraps, I jumped at the offer!

I used one sticker to do two accent nails on my ring fingers and painted the rest of my nails a crisp white to make the wraps really stand out. I left my accent nails dry and only prepped them by rubbing a little nail polish remover over them. I roughly measured the size I would need for each nail and cut the sticker as close to that as possible so I didn't waste any of it.

The directions say to peel off the sticker and hold it under a hair dryer for 3-5 seconds to warm the adhesive, but I held mine under heat a few seconds longer until it felt more flexible. I placed the wrap on my nail right above the cuticle and used a wooden cuticle pusher to smooth out the bumps, then applied heat again for a few seconds. The wrap wasn't quite as wide as my nail, so there was a little bit of space on one side, but it's only noticeable under close inspection. Then I trimmed the excess sticker from the ends and filed downward to make it even with my nail.

jamberry nail wraps floral and white for spring

On both nails, I ended up with small bumps at the end where the wrap didn't get totally smoothed out. I can't be sure since it was just the first try, but I think the bumps are the result of starting from the cuticle and pushing the wrap up rather than sideways. Or maybe I just didn't get it smoothed out well enough with the cuticle pusher. Either way, I think that was more user error than the product itself, because I do think they take a few tries to get used to them.

I was nervous about the bumps on the edges because I put them on at night and had to wash my hair in the morning, but they stuck like glue, which really impressed me. Even a few days later, I broke my nail while washing my hair and the wrap didn't budge. That part really sold me on them.

Overall, I'm really happy with the results of the Jamberry nail wraps. They look adorable, they stick really well and they're fairly easy to apply. Verdict: I will definitely be using these in the future. If you're interested in trying Jamberry wraps or buying more because you already love them, you can contact Melanie through her website!

(Sorry for the lack of interesting backgrounds... My options are severely limited while I'm not walking or driving yet! :)

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