Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day gift guide

I hadn't planned to make a gift guide for Mother's Day, because honestly I am so bad at preparing for it. Even though I've always been super close to my mom (I'm talking Gilmore Girls close), Mother's Day always sneaks up on me and I usually end up going in on a gift with my siblings at the last minute. I know — that's an awful way to be.

Well, now that I've been living with my mom for a year (meaning no rent and lots of fantastic home-cooked meals by her), it's time that I put some much-deserved extra thought into a nice gift for her. Did I mention she's also been playing nurse to me since my foot surgery? I seriously don't know what I would do without my mom. She's so selfless and so caring, and I only hope that I will be like her when I am a mother some day.

That being said, here are a few ideas if you're still looking for a great Mother's Day gift. All of these items are less than $60 (the book is less than $5!), and they range from simple to sweet. If you want to give something to your S.O.'s mom, maybe a pretty candle or coffee mug would be a good route to go. Or, if your mom sang lullabies when you were little like mine did, maybe a print with the lyrics on it would be meaningful to her.

I hope this helps in your search for the perfect Mother's Day gifts for all the special moms in your life!

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