Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Date Night Des Moines: Double dates and dive bars

pool dive at stevie c's

I live in Grimes, which is a mostly residential suburb of Des Moines, and even though I've been here almost a year now, I really haven't explored much. My mom has lived here for four years though, and her favorite local place is (surprisingly) a dive bar on Main Street. If you knew my mom, who found beer disgusting until about six years ago, you'd be as shocked as I was when she told me about Stevie C's.

stevie c's dive bar grimes
playing pool at stevie c's dive bar grimes
Super concentration from this guy!
mom and eleni and stevie c's
My beautiful mama and me.

stevie c's dive bar grimes
I told you, it's definitely a dive!

stevie c's dive bar sign grimes

miscelenious playing pool at stevie c's grimes
Note: denim jackets and maxi skirts are not the best billiards attire!

playing pool at stevie c's

Adam and I joined my mom and her fiance for a day of free pool one Sunday afternoon and had a blast. The guys are both great at pool, and Mom and I...let's just say we have a few things to learn, haha! We had such a great afternoon, though, and I actually hit the winning shot for me and Adam three games in a row, because I'm apparently a very good shooter when it counts most ;)

This was actually one of my favorite date ideas because it was super simple, cheap and it wasn't just going to a bar and sitting down with drinks. We ordered a pizza and drinks and settled in for a couple hours. There was some friendly competition going on, and I'm (very) slowly getting a little bit better at the game, which makes it even more fun.

Do you like to play pool? Do you have any suggestions for some date nights that you'd like to see on here? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Board games for two; Coffee, books and Lent; and Creme Cupcake + Dessert

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