Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Instagram roundup No. 2

home decor bedroom decorating project nightstand

Since I spent all of Monday night organizing my bedroom and attempting to find space for all of the stuff I brought back from my sister's place (success!), I didn't feel quite ambitious enough to finish writing the post I had planned for today. Hence, a lovely Instagram roundup! The photo above is a new nightstand I brought from home and plan to paint. Any color suggestions?

playstation and necklace guy and girl

This photo sort of happened by accident when I was getting ready to go out on Friday night with Adam. I set my necklace down on his PlayStation and realized how perfectly the image sums up the beginning of our nights out. I get dolled up while he plays video games — everybody wins ;)

movie snack popcorn with olive oil and parmesan cheese

Last Wednesday I had a much-needed "me night" and watched rom-coms and ate one of my favorite snacks: light popcorn shaken with olive oil and parmesan cheese. Yum!

One of my looks from last weekend. I picked up this new striped shirt last week and LOVE it. The fabric is super-soft, and the three-quarter sleeves are the perfect length for spring. The lipstick is also new and already a favorite too!

notebook and coffee at the cafe in spring

This was from a couple weekends ago when Adam and I went to a coffeehouse for our book discussion date. I just found this notebook and absolutely love the bright colors and cute fox on the cover. I may be old-fashioned, but I love writing my lists with paper and pen — I can't help it :)

juicy fruit bubble gum impulse buy

Talk about an impulse buy... I guess you can't send Adam and me to the store together without ending up with at least two packs of bubblegum!

workout clothes for an outside run in spring

It's finally feeling like spring around here, and I could not be more excited! I went for a walk with my mom last night, and it felt so good to exercise outside again! Warm sunny weather always helps motivate me to get active outside after I've been cooped up in the house all winter.

fish and chips at Wallaby's in Ames, Iowa

And this delicious lunch I shared with Adam and my sister on Saturday when we went to pack up the rest of my things. We stopped at a new place called Wallaby's that I hadn't been to yet, and it was so cool. It's a sports bar, but the decor was really sleek and modern, and they had great memorabilia from Iowa State and other local sports teams. If you're in Ames, I highly recommend it!

I hope your week is off to a great start and you're enjoying the soon-to-be-spring weather! Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

P.S. Instagram roundup: bye bye, January


  1. Thanks, Carmen! It's so easy to wear, and I think it's the perfect color for spring/summer!


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