Monday, March 23, 2015

Bedroom update: Tackling the closet

Progress has been slow on my bedroom project due to time/money constraints that I didn't expect this year (life — amirite?), but I'm (verrry) slowly getting adjustments made! A couple weeks ago I decided to tackle my dress/closet situation PLUS bringing the rest of my belongings back from my sister's place. It was a big project, but I've been very happy with the end result.

My closet was packed with most of my clothes, but it also had a bookshelf in the back with a bunch of my mom's old stuff, and I was SO ready to get it out of there so I could fully utilize the space. If you remember, I had planned on buying a white dresser to go in my closet, but after measuring I decided it would take up too much space. I had a small bookshelf at my sister's that was about the same size as the one that's been in there, so I decided to try it out as kind of an open-concept dresser. (Bear with me on the photos — I've never photographed inside a small closet before!)

I've been really happy with this decision because it saves a ton of space, and it's so much easier to see all my clothes without digging through them. And the size is perfect, because it holds everything from my dresser without taking up too much floor space. But the best part? All of my clothes are in one place for the first time ever, so I never have to go back and forth to make outfits — I just use my closet as a dressing room!

I also brought back a makeshift nightstand from my dad's house to use until I find one that I love. I've been thinking of colors to paint this one and I'm leaning toward a bright shade of blue, but I just can't decide. Any suggestions are welcome! But it has been really nice to have a nightstand again. Before I was just using the other half of my bed to hold my glasses and books, ha!

And then I had a little bit of fun arranging some of my Instagram magnets, because who says a breaker box can't be pretty? ;)

Stay tuned for the next bedroom update! You can expect it to have beautiful jewelry storage solutions and more organization!

P.S. Painting the town white and a cheery new bed set

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