Monday, March 2, 2015

6 DIY projects to get you through winter

6 diy projects to get through cold winter months

If you're like me, you've been struggling just to get out of bed every day because you know it's more sweaters and freezing temperatures that awaits you. I am SO ready for summer, sun and skirts (try saying that five times fast)!

Anyway, during college I loved making DIY projects during the winter. I needed a fun project to work on while I was hiding away from the snow, and DIYs can be a great distraction — plus you get something cool for your house that you made yourself.

I love using spray paints when it's warm out, but with negative wind chills, that's just not happening. Plus, there's really not a good place to do that when you live in a public complex without a real yard. The good part is that there are tons of fun, easy and beautiful projects you can do in the comfort of your own home — without locking yourself up in an enclosed room filled with paint fumes (hello, dangerous!). So these are some of my favorite projects to do inside during the winter:

diy wall hanging

Woven wall hanging with yarn (by I Spy DIY). This is probably the easiest project on this list. All it takes is a wooden rod, a few colors of yarn and a pair of scissors. And the result is a fun piece of wall art!

diy acrylic message board

Acrylic message board (by A Beautiful Mess). I just saw this one on A Beautiful Mess last week, and I really love it. They have so many great DIYs, but this one looks really cool for how simple it is. And you can create different sayings to change it whenever you want.

diy polaroid photo coasters

Polaroid photo coasters (by One Good Thing). I've always had a thing for Polaroids, so I really love these coasters. And if you've ever made coasters before, you know it's super-simple. This is a great afternoon project.

diy cork bulletin board

Wine cork bulletin board (by A Beautiful Mess). I started collecting my wine corks a couple years ago and right now I just have them in a vintage mason jar on my desk. This would be a great addition to my bedroom, and I've already got half the supplies!

diy personalized makeup pouch

Personalized makeup pouch (by Polkadot Chair). This pouch is so well-done, it looks like it came from the store! I can't guarantee that's how it will turn out on the first try (especially knowing my tendencies to get impatient and rush...oops), but it's a fun personalized addition to your travel bags.

diy no-sew lap desks

No-sew lap desk (by A Beautiful Mess). I've been wanting to get a lap desk because I prefer working in my bed or on my couch than at my desk when I come home from work, and this might just be my solution. The best part is no sewing required!

What are your favorite DIY projects? Have you made anything cool over the winter? Share links in the comments if you have because I'd love to see!

P.S. Where do you go for inspiration?

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