Friday, February 20, 2015

Wandering the Web: have a fun weekend

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? As I mentioned yesterday, Adam and I are spending time with his family this weekend. We have the day off of work today and it's been so nice to sleep in, read a little bit and have our coffee while we watch Kelly and Michael. I miss these relaxing mornings so much! I hope you have a great weekend, and here are some fun links from the web this week:

1. Why one woman thinks getting engaged in your 20s is sad. (Vogue)

2. "I don't know why we don't go around thoughtfully complimenting one another all the time." (The New York Times)

3. I can't wait to see this movie. (Vulture)

4. The goodie bags given to each Oscar nominee are worth more than $100k. Each! (GQ)

5. Started reading this book last weekend and I can't put it down.

6. Such a cute idea for an Oscars viewing party. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

7. How to brighten up your living room. (Nicolette Mason)

8. Four-ingredient fudge to curb your sugar cravings. (A Cup of Jo)

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  1. Wow! I want an oscars goodie bag! $100k per bag!? That's crazy!!



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