Friday, February 13, 2015

Wandering the Web: Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

Introducing... a brand-new look to Wandering the Web! I love how my blog has evolved since I started it just six months ago. I feel like my posts are starting to reflect me a bit more, and that's why I wanted to redesign my WTW graphic for a more simplistic, modern look. I hope you like it too!

So you all know tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Adam and I went super chill with our planning this year. Tomorrow we'll be making lasagna (for the first time!) and cheesecake and spending the day watching movies. I picked Her. (Adam is dreading it already, but I've been dying to watch it!) What do you have planned for this weekend? Will you be celebrating or avoiding the love madness? I'd love to hear...

And as usual, some interesting things I found on the web this week:

1. An Instagram account to bring stories to life. (New York Times)

2. How to stick to your workout goals. Hint: hot workout gear is involved. (Hello Fashion)

3. A beautiful scrapbook I would love to make myself. (A Beautiful Mess)

4. Baublebar has a new guest designer collection with this blogger, and it is fabulous. (Wendy's Lookbook)

5. How to take photos in public without being embarrassed. (Who What Wear)

6. I really, really want to splurge on this gorgeous dress. (Revolve Clothing via Somewhere Lately)

7. A hilarious cartoon review of Jupiter Ascending. (Buzzfeed)

8. This woman's career is both impressive and inspiring. (The Everygirl)

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