Friday, February 27, 2015

Wandering the Web: Catch ya later, February

Wandering the Web: Catch ya later, February. Fun links from the web this week.

I'm really happy February is over tomorrow. Even though it doesn't feel like it outside yet, it's still one step closer to spring. Do you have any plans for the weekend? Adam and I are doing this weird mystery box escape game for a friend's birthday tomorrow, so you can expect to hear all about that next week... (If you can't tell, I have mixed feelings about it. It sounds really fun, but also pretty strange. I'm not sure what to expect yet.)

Other than that, I think we'll be taking it easy this weekend. I stayed up late and finished Reconstructing Amelia last night (It was amazing! Definitely a must-read!) so I'll be looking for my next read. I just ordered a few from Amazon, so I'll let you know what I choose! Have a great last weekend of February, friends, and stay warm! Here are some great links:

1. Four things that kill relationships. (Time)

2. Would you take a one-way ticket to Mars? (NBC New York)

3. How to do anything in heels. (Who What Wear)

4. Five books that can change your life. (Time via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

5. I'd love to make these DIY wire baskets to use in my bedroom. (A Beautiful Mess)

6. Not all breakups are bad. (The Everygirl)

7. How to lose weight in four easy steps. (via A Cup of Jo)

8. Hilary Duff is acting again, and it doesn't look half bad. (YouTube)

P.S. Did you get sucked into #thedress drama last night? THE WORLD CAN'T EVEN.

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