Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Date Night Des Moines: Creme Cupcakes

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! I'm excited to announce a new series coming to miscelenious! Twice a month I'll be posting about a date night with Adam. I love the idea of taking one night every few weeks to have a real date with your partner. When you've been dating someone for a while it can become easy to get complacent and routine with your time together (I'm talking to you, Netflix). But Adam and I really want to change that. So in our attempt to bring more creativity to our adventures as a couple, I'll be sharing our date night ideas here with all of you — and I hope you'll share yours too!

Since we're both still kind of new to the Des Moines area, we've had a good time finding new places to go and things to do. There are so many great restaurants and bars, as I've said before, and we're still finding our way through it all. So when we were trying to find something fun to do that was a little more exciting than dinner and a movie, we stumbled on this adorable dessert bar downtown called Creme Cupcake + Dessert. It was close to the restaurant where we had dinner and we'd never heard of it. Plus I had been craving cheesecake for weeks, so it was the obvious winner ;)

Creme Cupcakes Des Moines Iowa

It probably took us a good 15 minutes of perusing the menu and chatting up the bartender to finally decide what we wanted — there were so many good options! I was torn between the chocolate raspberry cheesecake and the chocolate peanut butter lava cake, so we ended up getting both. Let me tell you: possibly the best decision we've ever made. (Adam pretended to be upset about getting both of my choices, but come on — no one could be upset with either of these!)

Creme Cupcakes Des Moines Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake

Both were amazing. The peanut butter was perfectly warm and gooey, and the cheesecake might have been the best I've ever tasted. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But it was really good.

Creme Cupcake Des Moines Date Night Cocktails

Creme Cupcake Des Moines Date Night Cocktails

Creme Cupcake Des Moines Date Night Cocktails

The cocktails were also delicious. The cool part was the pairing section on the dessert menu, so you could get the suggested beverage with whatever dessert you ordered. Adam and I went a different route and opted for the dessert drinks, which are based off of their dessert items. He ordered a minty flavor and mine was salted caramel. I didn't care for the rim on mine because it was both salty and spicy and kind of weird. But the drink itself was yummy.

And this was our view as we left the first restaurant (Spaghetti Works) before dessert. I absolutely love how beautiful downtown Des Moines looks when all the buildings are lit up at night. It makes it feel so much bigger.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of Adam and me. I'm still trying to get used to that part of it, but I promise we'll be better in the future, so stay tuned for our next date night! :)

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