Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who's your celebrity style crush?

Celebrity style crush: Emma Stone golden globes

Do you have a celebrity style crush? You know — someone who you look to for hair/makeup/fashion inspiration, or someone who you think just always gets it right when it comes to style?

Right now, mine is Emma Stone. Seriously, this girl rocks. She first caught my attention when I saw her in Easy A, and then again during that scene in Crazy, Stupid Love when she storms into the bar and kisses Ryan Gosling — talk about a power move. She's smart, spunky and incredibly charming. I love how she can deliver a joke in a completely natural way, but also be incredibly serious and intense. Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous she is? (See photos for definitive proof.)

Hers was my favorite outfit from the Golden Globes (above). The sexy jumpsuit was both sleek and daring with the jewel top and floor-length sash. Emma's hair and makeup was also beautiful, proving once again she can pull off any look. (Here's a tutorial on how she styled her hair for the evening.)

Celebrity style crush: Emma Stone golden globes

And in case anyone out there still thought redheads can't wear red lipstick — you thought wrong. Emma Stone for the fashion win!

Share your celebrity style crush (or crushes!) in the comments below!

(Images via People Style Watch and Harper's Bazaar)


  1. I'm also a big Emma Stone fan. I love her style but I also LOVE her hair. But then again, I'm usually jealous of any natural red head. :P

    xx Kathryn

    1. I hear ya, Kathryn! If only I could pull off that color! :)


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