Friday, January 9, 2015

Wandering the Web: Slowly turning into an icicle...

This week has been the first really (really, really) cold, wintery weather this year, and I am already waiting for it to end. Can anyone else feel the warm summer air coming in from the ocean? No? Me neither. Anyway, here are a few things to read while you avoid going outside at all costs. I know I will be...

1. Have you heard about C. Wonder's closing sale? Everything is 50% off and it's selling out quickly. (Business Insider)

2. The response to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris is really amazing. (New York Times)

3. Getting up for work every day this week has me feeling like this... (Buzzfeed)

4. I've been looking for inspiration for my new bedroom decorating project, and this bar cart would be a perfect addition. (Glitter Guide)

5. Love this simple and pretty DIY organizer. (A Beautiful Mess)

6. How cute is this gender reveal party idea for a new baby? (Somewhere Lately)

And a few more...

Can't get over this gorgeous blue hair color.

I'd love to try this chic, lash-inspired manicure.

The hardest question every Friends fan has to answer. (I'm still not over it.)

Maybe I'll try this winter dress style once the temperature reaches above negative degrees again...

I hope you have a wonderful, warm weekend. Check back on Monday for the run-down on my upcoming bedroom redecorating adventures!

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