Thursday, January 22, 2015

Update: Painting the town [white]

Last weekend, my mom and I ventured out to Home Depot to pick out the perfect white paint for my bedroom. It was harder than I thought, because comparing eight different shades of white starts to make your eyes go a little crazy after a few minutes. We got the right one eventually and purchased one gallon for my small room. But if you've been following along on Instagram, you know that didn't quite get the job done...

I recruited my wonderful boyfriend and mom to help me paint on Monday night. We moved all the furniture, put down blankets and ordered a pizza. Somehow I managed to get out of painting the trim and hogged the only roller all night. (I regret nothing.) These two were amazing though, working hard to get all the green covered through several coats...

My mom thought a room this size would only take one coat, but when I started on the first wall, I had serious doubts. And when we came to the third wall and I was scraping the sides of the paint can, I knew we had trouble. Mom — wonderful human being that she is — ran to the store quick before it closed to pick up more paint, but she underestimated again with just one quart and we weren't able to finish the second coat on the last wall. At her third trip to the store on Tuesday, she was informed that we bought the wrong type of paint originally, meaning one gallon would have been perfect if we had gotten the stuff with the right primer in it. All in all, we ended up spending about $78 for the supplies, when the right paint probably would have been about half that. Oops. Live and learn, right?

But we still finished it on Tuesday and we also rearranged the furniture to open up more floorspace. It makes such a difference! The white walls are so bright and cheery. Waking up Wednesday morning was quite the surprise, though, because when I turned on the lights I felt like I was looking at the face of the sun. Next on my shopping list: a lamp with more mild lighting that won't put me into a shock first thing in the morning!

The dark furniture looks pretty awkward against the fresh white walls, but if all goes as planned, I'm hoping to have a new dresser, desk, nightstand and bed set by the end of February. I'm so, so happy with the progress we've made so far, and I just can't wait to start getting some modern pieces in here!

Are you taking on any big decorating projects right here? How do you decorate your bedroom? I'd love to hear all of your wonderful ideas :)

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