Thursday, January 29, 2015

Instagram roundup No. 1

Instagram roundup: Some favorite moments from January on miscelenious

This new black scarf is partly to blame for my shameless all-black outfits the last couple weeks. That and my black bomber, which I'm happy to wear because it means warmer weather! And since earrings are kind of my jam lately, these ear jackets are my absolute favorite purchase from Baublebar.

Favorite nail trend: Bright white

I can't believe I've waited this long to join the white nail craze! They are so bright and unexpected, especially for winter months. Typically I stick to dark shades this time of year, but I'm really into these light colors to cheer up the dreary days.

Instagram roundup: Painting supplies for my bedroom redecorating project

I'm so happy we finally got my room all painted. The white makes it so much brighter and more fun to be in that I've actually been spending less time in the living room and more time at my desk, which is a huge plus for my writing!

Instagram roundup: new earrings and ring set from ILY Couture

These earrings from are so gorgeous, I just can't stop looking at them! It's like having disco balls on my ears. I almost want to get a separate jewel tray to display them away from all my other pieces... is that weird? ;)

Redoing my bedroom with a bright new bed set

The new bed set I found at HomeGoods was the perfect addition to my room. It's just as bright as the walls, and the yellow pattern adds a touch of personality.

Sunny weather outfit of the day

Remember this green top and silver necklace from my shopping haul? They transition perfectly from work to party and add a little bit of color to my oh-so-neutral wardrobe!

Nail polish and rings for the perfect manicure

Did I mention I also have a thing for rings? This nail wraparound ring has been one of my accessory staples lately. My mom picked it up while she was in Florida for work, but I wish I could get one in every color.

Donut date for weekend breakfast

There's been a lot of donut action on Instagram lately, and since my sweet tooth has been out of control lately, I couldn't resist the urge any longer. My eyes were bigger than my stomach though, because I didn't come close to finishing both of these...which is probably a good thing ;)

Downtown Des Moines lights up at night

The view of downtown Des Moines during my date with Adam last night was so pretty. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful Iowa is, but I'm always reminded when the lights come on at night.

What have all of you been up to during this first month of 2015? I hope you all have a great Thursday!

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