Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beautiful (and healthy) water bottles

Target ello glass water bottles

When I lived in the dorms my first year of college, I got in the habit of drinking almost exclusively from water bottles. Since I had to get water from the drinking fountain down the hall, I would fill several up at a time and leave them in my fridge to take to classes. It was just easier than filling up glass after glass. Even after I moved into an apartment I hardly ever used glasses over bottles. Weird, I know. So I had this accumulation of plastic water bottles that either I bought or got for free on campus.

Then I got on this health kick and read that the plastic material in some water bottles contains toxins that can be released when they get really hot — like if they sit out in the sun too long or after being in the dishwasher. That got me thinking that I should start looking for alternatives to my Camelback. I had a couple BPA-free bottles, but I was still a little leery of the plastics. (I'd also been moving away from using plastic tupperware and instead switching to glass dishes, which I love.)

That's when I found these adorable Ello glass water bottles at Target (I have this one right now, and I'm thinking about getting this one next). They're the perfect size, and they come in so many different pretty designs. Now I take it to work with me all the time.

Which design is your favorite? Some of these are even on sale for less than $10 right now! Would you try one of these glass bottles? Or do you prefer plastic? Let me know in the comment section :)


  1. A Woman The World DeservesApril 5, 2015 at 6:20 AM

    I am reading this post and giggling because I drink lots of water as well and read up on how those plastic bottles are not so good AND ended up buying my whole family Ello water bottles. They are definitely a great buy!

  2. That's so funny! I'm the same way with plastic dishes and tupperware too!


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