Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where do you go for inspiration?

Let's talk about being inspired. Where do you find inspiration? What type of inspiration do you look for?

Pinterest is a creative person's best friend and my go-to place for inspiration and ideas. You can find everything you're looking for and anything you didn't know existed — all in one site. I absolutely love all that randomness.

This week I decided to go through and share with you my favorites from December. Of course, I've been looking at style and decorating ideas for the holidays, but I've also found some random gems that I just love (like that lip artwork and the pink hair).

1. Berry lips 2. Mix and match rings 3. Black leather skater skirt 4. Cranberry cocktails 5. Busy bridge 6. Pinup style 7. DIY iPad holder 8. Cute couple 9. Blogging tips 10. Glitter eye makeup 11. Best friend LBDs 12. Holiday nails 13. DIY brush trees 14. The perfect quote 15. Sparklers 16. Marilyn Monroe 17. Simple decorating 18. A twist on the classic loafer 19. Tom Ford's lipsticks 20. Pink hair 21. Festive wrapping 22. Gold lip artwork 23. Smart reminder 24. Holiday wedding 25. Big brothers 26. Simple Christmas tree 27. Black and white beauty

Do you use Pinterest to motivate yourself or influence your style?

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