Friday, December 19, 2014

Wandering the Web: It's graduation day!

Guys! Tonight is my college graduation. I can't really explain what I'm feeling right now, because it hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm about to close another chapter of my life. I think it will hit me once I start working full time and stop having to think about homework and tests.

But do you want to know what I'm really excited for... Reading books for fun again! I just bought this one on my Kindle last night, and I can't wait to spend an evening reading for pleasure again. It feels like it's been forever!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too, and maybe you'll finally finish up all your Christmas shopping if you've been waiting till the last minute like I have ;)

1. These earrings are actually made out of KFC chicken bones...And they cost $200! (Who What Wear)

2. This girl sends out Christmas cards declaring her single status every year, and they're great. (Buzzfeed)

3. I have to try these chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies. Yum! (A Cup of Jo)

4. Obsessing over this gorgeous sequin blazer and asymmetrical black dress. (Kacie's Kloset)

5. My favorite relationship quote right now. (Piccsy)

6. I told you Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were the most unlikely yet perfect duo. But this song is still my forever favorite of theirs. (The Tonight Show)

And some others...

Andy Grammer made this sweet video to show what real love looks like — spoiler: it's beautiful.(Refinery 29)

I would love to see this mini wireless tripod in my stocking this Christmas ;) (Who What Wear)

Love this style for a New Year's Eve dress. (DailyLook)

Adam and I can't wait to go see the new "Hobbit" at this new movie theater that just opened in Des Moines.

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