Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On my mind: Non-boring white walls

Now that I'm getting ready to graduate and will soon be shopping for a new apartment, I've been thinking more and more about how I'll decorate it — and I've fallen hard for the white wall trend. I used to think all-white looked boring and unfinished, but there are so many beautiful ways to style it, and they all look so bright and clean.

And I really love the idea of statement furniture, rather than a whole matching set. It's a great way to add personality and variety.

My personal style has taken a much more minimalistic approach this year, and you can definitely see that creeping into my home decorating visions, too. These are a few of the looks inspiring me right now.

I love the concept of a white base and mixing in a few random colors here and there, rather than picking a single statement color. It adds some personality and doesn't keep you tied down to only one color.

And it's a style that can extend to every type of space. I love what Refinery 29 did with this white office space to give it a modern look and a happy touch of color. I'll come back to this style someday when I have my own home office :)

What do you think about white walls for the home? Would you try it, or do you prefer more color?

(Images via Pinterest, Planete Deco, Elizabeth Kartchner, Smitten Studio and The Material List)

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