Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas cookies and a sweet surprise

Adam's mom surprised us with a package of Eleni's Cookies from New York last week, and I can't tell you how excited (I think giddy would probably be a more appropriate word) I was when I opened the box and saw my name all over the packaging.

You know how all the kids had rulers and pencils with their names on them in second grade? Well, my name Eleni, and doesn't get printed on rulers. So you can probably understand how exciting it was to see my name all over a bunch of cookies.

The box came with four (yummy) flavors; we've been munching on them all week. It also had this tin full of frosted Christmas cookies and markers to decorate them. We finally had time to do it last weekend, and even though neither of us are very artistically talented when it comes to coloring cookies, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday evening :)

December is really flying by this year, so I won't get a chance to get together to make Christmas cookies with my mom and sister like we usually do :( But this cookie coloring was fun in its own way. And it was definitely a lot less work and mess!

My favorites were dead Frosty (he was like that when we opened it, I swear!) and Adam's very colorful reindeer. He (resentfully) made Dancer because I already made Rudolph ;) And of course we each gave a shout out to our favorite college.

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear...

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