Friday, November 7, 2014

Wandering the Web: Have a wonderful weekend

Do you have any fun plans for this chilly weekend? Every day the weather seems more and more wintery (which I don't love), but it also means bigger, warmer scarves (which I do love), so at least there's a silver lining! Adam and I are going to a wedding on Saturday, and I'm actually pretty excited; it seems like forever since I've been to a wedding (and I got a new dress for it, so I'm excited to get dolled up after being sick most of the week:).

Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few links I found around the web this week:

1. A beautiful new way to wear scarves that I hadn't thought of before but absolutely want to try. (Who What Wear)

2. The talented Hollywood director whose masterpieces are less than three minutes long. (Vulture)

3. The life and times of Taylor Swift, in infographics. (Vulture)

4. This girl tried vinotherapy, aka a wine bath. I love drinking wine, but swimming in it? Hmm... (The Cut)

5. Gorgeous mason jar sleeve hand-made with leather. (A Beautiful Mess)

6. Adults tell how they learned about sex, and it's hilarious. (Buzzfeed)

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