Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday dresses for every occasion

Now that Halloween is over and the holiday season is upon us (I think we can thank all the department stores for filling our minds with Christmas thoughts before we've even had time to plan the Thanksgiving menu...), it's time to start thinking about holiday parties — which means holiday dresses. Here are some of my favorites for every occasion, from cooking the turkey to opening presents with your S.O.'s family to ringing in the new year.

For Thanksgiving dinner:
When it comes to the big meal, you'll probably want to be comfortable, and this sweater dress looks cozy and classy. It's cute but casual, so it'll be perfect for a big dinner with your family or a gathering with your boyfriend's family.

But, if you're looking for something a little more sophisticated, try a pretty lace dress in a fun color like this bold blue.

For a cold-weather wedding:
I just bought this dress to wear to a friend's wedding next weekend, and it's so pretty and comfortable that I can't wait to wear it.

I also looked at getting a sweater dress like this. It's slimming and sexy, but it would also be comfy and warm for the cooler weather. A pair of tights in your favorite color would give it a personal touch.

For Christmas/holiday gatherings: 
If you plan to dress up for your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Whatever you celebrate party, you'll probably want something stylish, but still warm and comfortable. This green dress is perfect for the occasion, especially with gold accessories.

Or try a red sweater dress for a cozy-chic look. The gold glitter knit is perfect for the holidays.

For holiday parties at work: 
sequin jumpsuit is perfect for an event with your coworkers. It's sleek, sexy and elegant. Pair it with a red lipstick and prepare to get compliments.

For New Year's Eve:
You see a lot of different looks when you go out to celebrate the new year. If you want to stand out and maybe catch the eye of a new sweetie to kiss at midnight, try something with a little (or a lot of) sparkle. Throw a leather jacket over it for an edgier look.

A red lace dress is another standout option, but slightly more understated than the glitter slip dress.

What kind of events are you planning for the holiday season?

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