Thursday, November 20, 2014

A new restaurant in Des Moines

A few new restaurants have opened recently in downtown Des Moines, so Adam and I have been trying visit some of them. I love all the new trendy hangouts coming to the area; they all have such great styles, and each has its own unique feel to it. Last week we went to RoCA (short for Restaurant on Court Avenue) and Eatery A (details coming soon!). 

My favorite part about both of them has been the atmospheres. RoCA was absolutely packed on a Wednesday evening, which surprised us at first. But the menu and old-fashioned cocktails proved to be pretty impressive, so we realized why it's already becoming so popular. (The four-cheese flatbread above was amazing!)

It's a great place for an unusual variety of cocktails and foods, but I love that it looks like the type of place you might see on a TV show. The rustic brick-and-plaster walls, chalkboard menu, dim lighting and artistic features create a beautiful ambiance. My only complaint was the terrible acoustics. With so many people in a relatively small space, it was pretty hard to hear unless we were half-shouting.

But what about this wine rack? Can I get one of these installed in my future house, please? Places like these are part of the reason I love Des Moines so much.

Have any of you Des Moines residents stopped by RoCA yet? Do you have any suggestions for other restaurants? Leave your comments in the section below! I'd love to hear :)

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