Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The new (80) million-dollar view in NYC

This is what I imagined living in New York City would be like at age 12. Gorgeous views of the New York skyline, a beautiful penthouse 96 stories high with fabulous designer furnishings. That's what I get for letting movies guide my judgments.

Of course, now I know that views like this one are only for the very (very, very) rich. I don't think I'll be living there anytime soon, but it's still fun to imagine. What would it be like to walk out of your bedroom in the morning to see the sun rise over the Empire State Building?

Maybe someday I'll know, but for now, I'll just enjoy my coffee from the third-floor balcony, with a beautiful view of the sun rising over Wal-Mart.

(Photo via Daily Mail)

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