Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coffee table books

Before I got my Kindle, I hated Kindles. Not just Kindles; all e-readers. I love traditional books: the smell, the texture, the feeling of having something "real" in your hands. 

But then, one night, I wanted a new book, and I didn't want to wait. So I downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and then the book. A minute later, I was reading it. Hello, game-changer! I read it on the bus and before class, without having to add any extra weight to my already-sagging backpack. I loved it.

A year later, I still love e-books and all their convenience, but I love love LOVE the idea of decorative (and interesting) coffee table books. I'm not sure I'd like to house shelves full of books because they are such a pain when you're moving, but I think I can handle a small set of them...

Someday, when I finally have the time and budget to decorate exactly the way I want, a beautiful coffee table to decorate with quirky odds and ends is first on my list. Right now I'd display Humans of New York, Yes Please, The Great Gatsby, The Extraordinary Book of Useless Information and #Girlboss.   

What books would you (or do you) have on your coffee table? 

(Photo via The Every Girl)

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