Thursday, September 11, 2014

In the kitchen: Roasted garlic alfredo tortellini

So now that I'm transitioning into the Wonderful World of Grown-Ups, I decided to try this thing called Learning How to Cook.

Roasted garlic alfredo tortellini

Okay, so I have a basic understanding of cooking, and I can bake chicken and salmon to a temperature that doesn't kill or infect. But eating barbecue chicken breast and mashed potatoes every night can get pretty old. Hence, I'm finally diving into my food boards on Pinterest.

Roasted garlic alfredo tortellini

That's where I came across this yummy tortellini recipe. It's actually pretty simple to make, and I only had to use my training wheels (aka my mom) a few times throughout the process.

Roasted garlic alfredo tortelliniThe flavor was so rich I didn't even eat a full serving of it. I would definitely use less or no butter if I ever make it again — and I probably will because it was boyfriend- and mom-approved. Success!

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